Foreign investment in Houston real estate, especially in the Galleria area, pushes city into “top tier” globally

Houston Skyline

Office sales in Houston increased 32 percent in 2012 with foreign companies showing especially strong interest in investing in the city, according to analysts and recent annual surveys. The Galleria was one of the areas most targeted by real estate investors.

Houston Galleria Area

Houston's Galleria area

Houston’s Galleria area is the city’s premiere shopping district, Houston’s main fashion center and home to many of greater Houston’s finest hotels, restaurants and night spots. The bustling commercial district is larger than the downtowns of most big cities and is home to some of Houston’s most impressive architecture. is your one-stop guide to the Galleria area and Uptown district.

Galleria-Area Hotels

Galleria Area Hotel - Hotel Derek

The concentration of businesses and company headquarters in Houston’s Uptown Business District is greater than the downtowns of most of America’s major cities. It stands to reason that many of Houston’s finest hotels are located in the Uptown / Galleria area.

Galleria-Area Restaurants

Galleria Area restaurants

More than 100 restaurants and night spots lie within the narrowly defined borders of the Uptown Business District. The greater Galleria area, as most Houstonians view it, is a much larger area. It includes Uptown and the Galleria Mall and sprawls for miles along bustling thoroughfares such as Westheimer Road and Richmond Street that are lined with restaurants, bars and shopping. Many of the city’s finest restaurants and most popular night spots are in the Uptown / Galleria area.

Galleria-Area Shopping

Galleria-area shopping

Houstonians love to shop, and shopping is a top attraction for visitors to the city. Forbes magazine may have discovered in 2010 why shopping is such a big deal here. In Forbes’ first ever-ranking of the best American cities for shopping, Houston came in first. You can read what Forbes had to say about why Houston shopping topped the list here, but we can give you a hint:  The Galleria, with its “2.5 million square feet of retail pleasure,” had a little something to do with it.

Galleria-Area Nightlife


The Galleria / Uptown area long has been one of Houston’s most lively night club destinations. Whether young adults flocking to the clubs on the Richmond Strip, business travelers and conventioneers relieving stress at the area’s gentlemen’s bars or scene chasers following the glitter to the latest upscale must-see haunt, the Galleria area is hopping.

Newer entertainment districts such as downtown, Midtown and the new happening West End keep popping up, but they don’t seem to diminish the lustre of the Galleria area nightlife scene.

Here are a few spots that you might want to check out.

Houston Attractions

City Pass to top Houston attractions

Visiting Houston? There are plenty of fun things to do in the nation’s fourth largest city.

Check out the video for a quick, fun rundown of top Houston attractions. The video looks out beyond the fun-filled Galleria area to focus on five other attractions in Houston that no visitor or newcomer should miss.

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